Dear Families,

As we continue with remote learning, we wanted to take a moment to share some key information on ways we can work together to protect your child’s privacy during live and recorded instruction.  In order to make sure all of our students can flexibly access learning opportunities, we must be able to record and post instruction.  It is paramount that we have structures in place to preserve your child’s privacy during recording and posting of instruction.  

In order to ensure this privacy, we must have a media consent form on file for your child indicating your preferences for posting images, video, or student work including your child in google classroom or on school-affiliated social media accounts. If we do not have a media consent form on file for you, please complete the attached consent form indicating your preference and return the form to Sheila at  If you made the family decision that you do not want to consent, please know that this preference has been shared with staff in order to ensure that images, videos, or student work including your child will not be recorded or posted.  

We wanted to share some specific reminders regarding recording of instruction for educational purposes.  Your support with reminding your child of these items is very helpful. A few reminders:

  1. Students will be notified when a session will be recorded and where the recording can be found. 

  2. Students should follow established norms for how to enter a “recorded” session. These include:

  • Students enter muted without their camera on.

  • The teacher specifies when and if microphones/cameras should be turned on.

  • Students use the chat feature for questions as they come to mind.

  • Anything shared online is inherently not private--including what your camera/screen displays

  1. Students should use school appropriate language, choose school appropriate clothing, and work in school appropriate learning locations for remote learning. 

  2. As we are virtually learning in our homes, please remember that we don’t have media consent from all members of your household. If a family member crosses into the screen during a recorded session, we will not be able to post the session.  Work with your child to try to create a quiet, private learning space for optimal concentration. This will ensure privacy and an optimal learning for all. 

Your continued support with helping your child understand the importance of norms around privacy and recording are critical.  Thank you in advance for your continued efforts to support your children in this new format of learning.   Please reach out with any questions or specific concerns. 



Jennifer Rehn Losquadro


*If you are unsure as to whether you signed a media consent form at the beginning of the year, email me and I can let you know if your child is missing their consent form or not. - Sheila Gonzalez

Otherwise, please see download options below. 
Click here for fillable media consent form pdf. Just fill out, save and send to

Link to Media Consent Form (plain form to hand write/print and send via email). 
Media_Concent_Form_2019-2020.pdf (plain form to hand write/print and send via email). 
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