1. Sign up for the High School Workshops
Dear 8th Grade Families, 

I am sending you the links to sign up for the High school workshops, starting tomorrow. These can be found on our school's website, on the "Student Resources" tab. Click on High School Ready (in the drop down menu). 

Regardless, I am cutting and pasting for your convenience: 

*** PLEASE REGISTER FOR ALL WORKSHOPS AT  www.wagner167.org. ***


Wednesday, September 11, 6:00 pm:  8th Grade High School Night, Fall Kickoff – Refresher on key admissions concepts, the application process and a preview of fall 2019 activities and tips.

Wednesday, October 2:  SHSAT & Applying to the Specialized High Schools – Last minute test-taking strategies & tips on applying to the specialized high schools.

Saturday, October 5, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (students must reserve one 20 minute session; registration will be posted at  www.wagner167.org):  Mock interviews – Students participate in a mock interview, including written and oral feedback.

Wednesday, October 16, 6:00 pm:  Applying to High School with IEP or 504 Plan – Discussion of unique aspects of the admissions and testing process for students with IEPs or 504 Plans.


Links to Register:

9/11: Wagner 8th Grade High School Night, Fall 2019 Kickoff
10/2: Last Minute SHSAT Testing Strategies & Processes
10/5:  NYC Admissions Solutions/Wagner Middle School 2019 Mock High School Interviews
10/16:  Applying to High School with IEP or 504 Plan
2. Sign up for the SHSAT test or LaGuardia Audition using the MySchools. 
Have you signed in to your MySchools account? Did you get the pin letter in the mail? The DOE sent out letters to all 8th grade families. They mailed them to the address listed in ATS. If you did not get this letter but would still like to create an account, please know that they have a number for people to call for support. Contact: 718-935-2009 When: Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm

*I gave this number to a parent today, who said they were very fast. Other times, depending on call volumne, they can have a longer wait time. 

Starting on Monday, September 9, families
 will be able to register their child for the SHSAT and/or LaGuardia High School auditions in the family-facing MySchools site ( myschools.nyc).

Test and Audition Tickets

  • ·            Approximately two weeks after the deadline, test and audition tickets will be available to print in MySchools. Tickets  will not be available until approximately two weeks after the deadline. The Office of Student Enrollment will notify counselors and families when tickets become available.
  • ·            Families of registered students will be able to print their tickets from the family-facing MySchools site,  myschools.nyc.
  • ·            Counselors will be able to print tickets for their registered students from the school-facing MySchools site,  school.myschools.nyc.
  • ·            Each student must bring their ticket on the day of the test or audition.


Audition Schedule for LaGuardia High School:

  • ·            Please see page 7 in the  2020 Specialized High Schools Student Handbook for audition dates.
  • ·            NOTE: The make-up dates on page 7 are incorrect. Make-up auditions will be on December 7 and 8,  not the dates listed on page 7 in the handbook. All dates other than the make-up audition dates are correct in the handbook.


Students with Testing Accommodations: Students who already receive testing accommodations on all their assessments in school are entitled to testing accommodations on the SHSAT. This includes:

  • o    Students with existing testing accommodations on their IEP
  • o    Students with an existing 504 Plan that includes testing accommodations
  • o    Students who are English Language Learners or eligible former English Language Learners (students who achieved English proficiency on the NYSESLAT or equivalent exam less than two years ago are eligible for accommodations on the SHSAT).
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