Dear 6th Grade Parents and Guardians, 

By now, I hope that most of you are receiving my e-blasts. Please feel free to check in with friends, to ensure that everyone is getting the blasts. If a fellow Wagner family is NOT getting my e-blasts, please encourage them to email me. Thank you. 

A few topics to cover:
1. First day of school is September 5th. It is a full day of school
2. Where to go on the first day of school? See image above. 
3. Class Assignments: Class assignments will be mailed via a postcard just before Labor Day. 
4. Day 1 Only - 6th Student Drop-off:  On the first day of school, you will dropping off your children within the school's yard on 75th Street. If you have your postcard, you can go to the class number posted on the wall near a teacher (example, 611, 612, 613, 614, etc.). Introduce yourself to the teacher and your child will join the class group. If you do not have your postcard, every staff member will have your child's name and class assignment. 
5, Day 1 Parent Orientation: All new parents are welcome to join us in the auditorium after you drop off your child to school. The orientation is approx 45 minutes and will start at 8:30am in the auditorium. The Parents Association team will also be on hand, selling Wagnerwear. For the first two weeks of school, students can also purchase Wagner t-shirts in gym class. T-shirts are $10 each. 
6. Day 2-to end of year Student Drop-off: On day 2 of school, students will go to their regular gathering locations. For 6th grade, this location is on 76th Street; the entrance located closest to 2nd Avenue. 
7. Edukits were mailed out this week. You should expect to see them by the end of the week. 
8. Wagner Dictionary: The reason for the dictionary's existence is to help new parents to navigate through new terms and information in a new school. I also created this dictionary because I average 400-500 emails a day in the beginning weeks of the year, with very similar questions. I took all those questions and created the dictionary. Whatever topic you want to know about, just hit "Ctrl"+"F" and a search box will appear. The dictionary is also a live document so as I learn all the newest contacts, I will be updating the document. 
Wagner Dictionary. Note: I am always happy to help or to answer questions, but the Wagner dictionary is a great resource as well!
This dictionary has been translated into several DOE supported languages. Let me know if you, or someone you know, would like to read it in another language. 
9. Volunteers: Tomorrow morning, I will send out a link to sign up a few parents and  students, to help the Parent Association as well as to help me put together the Welcome Packets. Many hands make light work. Ms. Deane will also recruit parent volunteers when she returns, to help organize and distribute the MetroCards for all students. 
10. MetroCards: Expect your child to receive their new card approximately 1-2 weeks after school begins. Ms. Deane oversees MetroCards but must complete all new registrations and address updates, before she can organize MetroCards. 
If you have any questions as to the type of MetroCard your child will receive, here is a guideline: 

MetroCards are distributed to all eligible students twice a year: once in September and once at the beginning of February.  MetroCards are assigned based on the student’s address in ATS and the Department of Education’s distance formula.    


For 6th graders:

  • Subway & Bus MetroCards are assigned to students living one mile or more from our school (distance is measured by feet not blocks; however 1 mile is approximately 20 city blocks).
  • Bus-Only MetroCards are for students living between 1/2 a mile and one mile from school.

For 7th and 8th graders:

  • Subway & Bus MetroCards for student living one and 1/2 miles (1.5 miles) or more from our school (approximately 30 blocks)
  • Bus-Only MetroCards for students living at least 1/2 mile, but less than one and a 1/2 miles (1.5 miles) from school (approximately 10 - 29 blocks).

For more information on MetroCard guidelines and policies, visit:

11. Dresscode: Wagner does have a dresscode that is summarized in the following flyer Dress Code Information

12. Blue Cards:Please fill out a Blue Card for your student. Create an account here:
  • The on-line blue card is the best way to update information about your student, so that we may get in touch with you immediately if needed.
  • Please note these two important items:
    • When you create a Blue Card for you child, in Edit mode (click the arrow pointing to the right) there will be a big, blue button that says "SHARE THIS BLUECARD". Please click it and search for "Wagner Middle School," then click "share".
    • Please list anyone who has permission to pick up your student as an Emergency Contact. If a nanny, babysitter, aunt, uncle, grandma, or friend of the family comes to check you child out of school, they MUST be listed as an Emergency Contact. Please note that in the event of a true Emergency, we will ALWAYS contact parents/guardians first.

12, September/October Calendars. I have draft versions of the September and October calendars that will be sent home with Welcome Folders. I will also email these out this week. 

A few reminders from the June Orientation:
  • Manhattan Youth – runs Wagner’s Free afterschool programming
Shop Modell's, get 15% off for all friends and family. Coupon is good for repeated purchases. 
-Wagner PA
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